Teaching Computer Science Resources

Thomas Jefferson High School Computer Science Program Resources
CS Cheerleader - learn to code
Computer Science Teachers Association
Explorations in Computer Science for Teachers - workshops with Carnegie Mellon ($50 fee)
George Washington University Computer Science Teacher Resources
Bootstrap Curriculum - Have students create a video game with Racket code and reinforce math at the same time!
Richard G. Baldwin Programming Tutorials
Coupries' How to Teach Computer Science - complete with lesson plans

Scratch Activities by Richard Wicktorowicz
Scratch Tutorials by Easton Home.co.uk
Scratch for Educators

Learning to Program with Alice - Site 2
Lightbot - a new way to introduce programming

Girls Develop It
Microsoft Dreamspark

dabblet - an HTML/CSS playground

Computer Science Unplugged

Virginia Tech CS HS Workshop
Resources - 2012
Resources - 2011
Resources - 2010
Resources - 2009

Computer Science Education Week

My Favorite Computer Science bloggers:
Alfred Thompson, former Microsoft and now computer science teacher (again)
Patrick Godwin's Blog-O-Rama - CS undergrad student at University of Michigan
Pat Yongpradit - Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Winning educator
Doug Bergman Innovative Teacher - my fellow Microsoft Partners in Learning USA Team member
CS Principles

30 Top Computer Science Blogs
Site 2
Site 3

How to Design Programs - college freshman online free textbook used by most of the top CS universities and colleges.

DIA - download software to create flowcharts

Facebook High School Computer Science Teachers in Virginia page

My Computer Science and Computer Programming Social Bookmarks